Resume Design Sprint

Interaction Design – Wireframes – Prototype

The problem we were solving

The following design sprint is a tongue-in-cheek process leading up to my online interactive resume prototype.

Potential clients and other companies looking to hire me always want to have a quick look at my resume, and rightfully so. This mobile app fulfills this need in a very convenient way.

Resume Sprint Understand the Problem
Step One: Understanding the problem
  • Potential client needs a skilled User Experience Designer.
  • Vincent Klijn is looking for projects in an innovative environment with challenges and future prospects.
Sprint Target
  • Bring these two parties together.
Step Two: Generate ideas
  1. Spontaneous visit and try to meet the right person.
  2. Random phone call and try to speak to the right person.
  3. Sending out traditional letters with resume.
  4. An online interactive mobile app prototype resume.
Resume Sprint Generate Ideas
Resume Sprint Decide
Step Three: Decide
  1. Shows initiative, but might be disruptive without knowing local agendas.
  2. Shows initiative, but could be disruptive and not allow me to present myself properly.
  3. Traditional is good by design, but everybody does it and it lacks “attention grabbing”.
  4. Alternative approach with the benefit of future re-use. That’s the one!
Step Four: Prototype
Resume Sprint Prototype
Resume Sprint Validate
Step Five: Validate
  • That would be an interview for which I am more than happy to set a date and time.
  • Contact me through email.
  • Call me: +31-6-39146442.
Final prototype
Resume Sprint Final XD Prototype

Click the image to see the interactive resume in action.